On the Rainbow (rainbowstation) wrote,
On the Rainbow

Recent Updates, 2/16

Tags: updates

  • Recent Updates, 11/23

    - Updated the KAT-TUN singles page - Added romaji, color-coding, and translations for Next 100 Years, Beautiful days, Boku ga Boku no Subete, and…

  • Updates 9/27 - 10/2

    I thought I had update this journal more recently, but I guess I didn't. Sorry about that! o Updated the Arashi other releases, TOKIO singles, V6…

  • Updates 8/24 - 8/31

    o Added romaji, color-coding, and translations for truth, Kaze no Mukou e, Smile, Shissou! Friday Night, Sayaendou, Chirarizumu, Yawarakana…

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